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Jessica Dabrowski

Project Associate - Online School

Jessica is the Communications and Digital Learning Specialist at the Florence School of Regulation. Working at the nexus of communications and academia, she connects the dots between digital strategies and policy-oriented research to develop a wide range of international executive education and capacity building projects. She specialises in digital marketing, editing, community building and knowledge management.  

In 2017, she co-founded the ‘Lights on Women’ Initiative, which takes meaningful steps towards shaping a more inclusive energy sector. Focusing on digital gender balance, knowledge exchange and advocacy, the initiative aims to support and train women working in energy, developing a global network and talent pool to ensure they gain visibility and equality of opportunity. 

Jessica holds her M.A. in Political Science with a concentration in EU Economic and Social Policy from James Madison University (JMU). She also holds a B.A. from JMU with degrees in Public Policy and Administration and Justice Studies. 



Jessica has worked on the development, marketing and facilitation of: