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Regulatory challenges for smart cities

Urban areas face common challenges even if in very different national contexts. Citizens’ needs and the need to comply with administrative and financial regulations are conditions that all local authorities in Europe must adhere to. The solution to these political challenges is usually planned through measures such as the improvement of the service, the most financially efficient use of different modes of transport, and the development of sustainable mobility. FSR Transport therefore aims to react to the need for the knowledge exchange and the discussion of best practices.

Florence Urban Forums 

The 1st Florence Urban Forum took place in October 2011 and provided a unique environment for participants to discuss the role of transport authorities and to share the views of authorities, operators, international associations of stakeholders and academics. Following on from this, other issues have been discussed such as tendering urban public transport and sustainable mobility, thanks to the valuable exchange of experiences of speakers and participants from all over Europe. FSR Transport has also participated to the promotion of events of European interest, such as the 18th European Conference on Mobility Management. The urban dimension of transport is also often part of the discussions at our Intermodal Forums: learn more about them!

Publications and Learning Tools

Papers from the FSR Transport workshops and all presentations from the events are available online. 

Prof Matthias Finger, FSR Transport Director, is the main instructor of the Management of Urban Infrastructures Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) that offers an introduction to the principles of management of urban infrastructure systems. It addresses the main challenges that urban infrastructures are facing today, along with the corresponding management challenges that should be addressed in order to improve the performance of cities. Visit the IGLUS webpage to learn more about this course.


Over the years, stakeholders and administrators, as well as knowledgeable academics, have been joining FSR Transport Forums to share their experiences. While urban planning is mainly dealt with at local level, representatives of the European Commission and of international organisations have also discussed issues of local transport regulation at the Florence Urban Forums (click here to download the full list of speakers). 

Urban Transport news


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