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FSR strengthening the cooperation with China

FSR joins the EU-China Energy Cooperation Platform in Beijing

Between 28th and 30th October, Jean-Michel Glachant, FSR Director and Ilaria Conti, Head of FSR Gas Area will participate in a series of events organised in the framework of the EU-China Energy Cooperation Platform in Beijing.

As part of the official EU delegation led by the Principal Adviser in the Directorate-General for Energy – Mr Tudor Constantinescu, prof. Glachant and Ms Conti will participate as panellists in a conference on the EU and Chinese energy markets and in a sequence of meetings with leading Chinese energy research institutes, energy companies and Chinese energy community.

In particular, the FSR representatives will present the EU’s perspective on the liberalisation and integration of the electricity and gas markets. Moreover, the event will be a great opportunity to discuss the challenges related to the decarbonisation of energy systems such as the integration of the rising share of variable renewable energy, the decentralisation of energy production and the role of energy prosumers, as well as the integration of electricity and gas sectors and the role of renewable and low-carbon gases.   



The European Union and China have been working together to strengthen cooperation in the energy field. As the two major energy consumers, they are confronted with the challenge of ensuring the stable supply of energy at affordable prices. Moreover, the European Union and China embarked on the modernisation of their energy systems supporting the climate change mitigation to achieve the Paris Agreement objectives. This high-level meeting follows the launch of the EU-China Energy Cooperation Platform on May 15, 2019.  

EU-China Energy Cooperation Platform webpage: http://www.ececp.eu/

The launch of the EU-China Energy Cooperation Platform: https://fsr.eui.eu/eu-china-energy-cooperation-event-beijing/