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Electricity | Policy Brief
09 July 2020
Highlights: - The European Green Deal calls for a revision of the TEN-Regulation (Regulation (EU) No 347/2013). In this Policy Paper, we assess the experience with the implementation of the [...]
Tim Schittekatte, Alberto Pototschnig, Leonardo Meeus, JAMASB Tooraj, LLORCA Manuel
Electricity | Technical Report
03 July 2020
The EU network codes and guidelines are a detailed set of rules pushing for the harmonisation of national electricity markets and regulations. The areas for the development of network codes [...]
Energy | Article
18 June 2020
Energy policy, 2020, Vol. 143, OnlineFirst
Energy Systems Integration (ESI) is an emerging paradigm and at the centre of the EU energy debate. ESI takes a holistic view of the electricity, gas, and heat sectors to [...]
Carlo Cambini, CONGIU Raffaele, JAMASB Tooraj, LLORCA Manuel, Golnoush Soroush
Energy Union Law | Book
05 June 2020
In an effort to reframe how we communicate research and critical thinking, the purpose of this publication is to provide an open-access e-book which guides you through the significant issues [...]
Leigh Hancher, Anne Marie Kehoe, HUHTA Kaisa Iida Amanda
Electricity | Policy Brief
29 May 2020
The Covid-19 pandemic and the consequent lockdown exacerbated energy poverty and insecurity for millions of customers worldwide. Many governments introduced emergency measures to protect energy consumers in this very delicate [...]
Electricity | Policy Brief
18 May 2020
An inadequate bidding zone configuration for the EU electricity market risks jeopardising the benefits of market integration for energy consumers, by increasing the need for costly remedial actions. According to [...]
FSR Global | Policy Brief
21 April 2020
Highlights: • Sixteen international case studies on the implementation of dynamic retail electricity tariffs are reviewed to identify the design and implementation choices that have to be made when introducing [...]
Pradyumna Bhagwat, HADUSH Samson Yemane
Gas | Policy Brief
02 April 2020
Highlights: - The European Green Deal envisages an important role for gas in the energy transition. To follow this pathway, the gas value chain should be more oriented towards sustainability. [...]
Energy Union Law | Article
31 March 2020
Oil, gas & energy law intelligence, 2019, Vol. 17, No. 5 "Natural Gas Pipeline Construction and Regulation", OnlineFirst
With its judgment of 10 September 2019, the General Court (the “Court”) annulled an earlier 2 Commission decision to modify the exemption regime for the OPAL pipeline. The Court based [...]
Energy Union Law | Technical Report
06 March 2020
The EU network codes and guidelines for electricity, first introduced in the third energy package, are designed to enable the implementation of an EU internal electricity market. This text is [...]
Leigh Hancher, Anne Marie Kehoe, RUMPF Julius

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