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Xavier Labandeira

Former FSR Climate Director (2014-2017)

Xavier Labandeira, professor of Economics at the University of Vigo. was director of FSR Climate in 2014-2017. 

His research lies at the boundaries between Public, Energy and Environmental Economics and his work has been published in leading academic journals of the field. He has led many research projects in Spain and abroad and has been a lead author of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change for the elaboration of its Fifth Assessment Report.

Labandeira is also director of Economics for Energy, a private research centre specialising in the economic analysis of energy issues and aimed to create and disseminate rigorous, neutral and useful knowledge in the field. He is also coordinator of Ergon, a research platform aimed to explore in depth the economic aspects of energy efficiency.  

Xavier Labandeira’s full profile and publication record can be found here.