Lennard Michaux

PhD researcher, KU Leuven

Lennard is a PhD researcher at the KU Leuven (Consumer Competition Market). He holds a research master’s degree from the KU Leuven, and completed an LL.M. at the University of Chicago.
His research focuses on multiple areas of EU economic law, including internal market law, competition law, and public procurement regulation. He is currently preparing a doctoral thesis on the concept of ‘EU self-restraint’, i.e. instances in which the European institutions voluntarily decide not to (fully) intervene even if they are allowed to do so.
Lennard’s most recent publications cover subjects such as sustainability considerations in public procurement law, the role of EU economic law during the Covid-crisis, and the characteristics of de minimis exceptions across areas of EU economic law. Lennard is also editor of the CCM blog.

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