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Bassem is a Lebanese Energy engineer (CentraleSupélec, 2018), Energy economist (University of Paris Saclay, 2018), who holds a PhD in energy and mobility economics (University of Paris Saclay, 2021). His PhD was about “A Techno-Economic Analysis of the Electric Vehicle Transition: Policy, Infrastructure, Usage, and Design”.

He is a specialist in technical and economic analysis and modelling of electricity, renewable energies, and electric mobility markets. He currently works as an energy transition project manager at Avere-France.

Avere-France is the national association for the development of electric mobility. Created in 1978 to represent the entire electro-mobility ecosystem in the industrial, commercial, institutional, or associative fields, its objective is to promote the use of electric and rechargeable hybrid vehicles.

In Avere, Bassem main role is to boost the electric mobility market in France by developing studies on charging infrastructure, renewable energy sources and storage batteries integration. Bassem is also a lecturer at CentraleSupélec in economics.

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