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Stéphane Saussier

Director of the Water Area | EUI Part-time Professor

Short biography

Stéphane Saussier is Director of the Water area at the Florence School of Regulation. He is also a Professor of Economics and Management at the Sorbonne Business School. He is a specialist of contract and organization theories. Since 2009, he has been running a research group working on the Economics of Public Private Partnerships at the Sorbonne. He published more than 40 articles, many in international journals such as the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Industrial and Corporate Change, Review of Industrial Organization, International Journal of the Economics and Business, European Journal of Law and Economics, Journal of Marketing Channels, Journal of Transport and Economic Policy, Utilities Policy… He is also regularly involved in reports for international institutions such as OECD and European Parliament. For the last 10 years, he has expanded his work towards public private contracts and the organization of public services. He has developed research studies in the water sector with the French authority in charge of water services performance indicators and sunshine regulation. He joined the Florence School of Regulation in 2013.

Events at FSR Water

  • Seminar on Water sector regulation in Europe (28-29 November 2013)

  • Seminar on Smart governance & regulation of water services in Europe (7-8 February 2013)

Selected publications

Journal Articles (A selection)

  • Desrieux C., Chong E. and Saussier S., “Putting all one’s eggs in one Basket: Relational contracts and the management of local water public services”, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 89, 167-186, 2013

  • Amaral M., Saussier S. and Yvrande A., “Expected Number of Bidders and Winning Bids: Evidence from the London Bus Tendering Model”, Journal of Transport and Economic Policy, 47 (1), 17-34, 2013
  • Saussier S., An Economic Analysis of the Closure of Markets and other Dysfunctions in the Awarding of Concession Contracts, European Parliament report, 2012
  • Beuve J. and Saussier S., “Interfirm Cooperation in Strategic Relationships: The Role of Formal Contract”, Industrial and Corporate Change, 21 (4), 811-836, 2012
  • Saussier S., Staropoli C. and Yvrande A., “Public-Private Agreements, Institutions, and Competition: When Economic Theory Meets Facts”, Review of Industrial Organization, 35, 1-2, 1-18, 2009
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  • Chong E. Huet F. et Saussier S., “Auctions, Ex post Competition and Prices in the Water Sector”, Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics, 77 (4), 524-551, 2006
  • Garrouste P. & Saussier S., “The Alternative Theories of the Firm”, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Special Issue, Eds, P. Garrouste et S. Saussier, 58 (2), 178-199, 2005