Into the Complexity of Innovation: the Energy Innovation Academy

Takeaways from the first FSR Energy Innovation Academy


On 28-30 November in Florence, the FSR hosted its first Energy Innovation Academy, organised by the recently launched FSR Energy Innovation Area and the Young Scholars Initiative (YSI) of the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET).

Under the scientific organisation of Miguel Vazquez (FSR), researchers and practitioners with different backgrounds presented their current work on innovation, taking place in the energy sector.

The innovation wave of the last years adds a new dimension to shape the evolution of the electricity industry: innovation policies. Transitions imply disruptive innovations and should be guided by policies that facilitate structural change and smooth out the process.

The Energy Innovation Academy has been launched to promote academic pluralism and exchange of views and methodologies among the participants. 

What do we mean with ‘complexity’ and ‘innovation’?

A concrete example by John Smith, participant of the Academy, interviewed by Tim Schittekatte (FSR). Listen to the podcast:

Find all the presentations online:

Browse the Gallery of the Academy:

Energy Innovation Academy

Energy Innovation: a new area at FSR!

In the context of the Energy Innovation Academy, the FSR Director Jean-Michel Glachant interviewed Miguel Vazquez, Head of the new FSR Area, a platform for research, training and policy discussion on Energy Innovation, facing challenges posed by complexity and uncertainty. Listen to the podcast: 

Would you like to know more about the Energy Innovation Area? Visit the webpage!

FSR launched a new blog series on Energy Innovation. Contact us for collaborations.

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