Growth, Structural Change & Sustainability: FSR in Brazil!

On 10-11 December 2018, the Head of the FSR Energy Innovation Area, Miguel Vazquez will be in Rio de Janeiro for the Workshop on Economic Complexity and Development, organised by the NeX-Nucleo of Economics and Complexity (PPGDE-UFPR) and SPRU-Science Policy Research Unit (Sussex University) in cooperation with Institute of Economics of UFRJ.

Miguel is one of the co-authors of The role of institutional learning in technology adoption: an agent-based model for the case of public financing of utility-level solar PV in Brazil, 2014-2017 (G. Andreao, J.M. da Silveira, M. Hallack and M. Vazquez) which will be presented during the Session 2 – Environmental Challenges.

The Workshop will be an opportunity for academics, policy-makers, and the public to discuss frontier research and its application to policy on topics related to economic development from a complexity perspective:



  • Agent-based modelling
  • Non-linear systems
  • Computational Methods
  • Bottom-up Models
  • Genetic Algorithms
  • Cellular Automata
  • Network Analysis
  • Structural Change
  • Trade
  • Inclusion
  • Distribution
  • Urbanization
  • Innovation
  • Employment
  • Firm growth
  • Industrial dynamics

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