FSR Energy Director Jean-Michel Glachant elected President of IAEE

Jean-Michel Glachant, Director of Florence School of Regulation (FSR) Energy, has been elected president-elect 2022 of the International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE) to start from January 2022.

Before the appointment, Professor Glachant has served as Vice President for Communications at IAEE for the years 2019-21; and received the IAEE Award for ‘Outstanding contributions to energy economics & literature’ in 2018.

Professor Glachant and his FSR Energy team led the digital strategy of the first IAEE Virtual Conference in June 2021 which brought together a global audience of 1,000 policymakers, academics, heads of governments, consultants, and big industry players from the energy sector to share knowledge, dialogue and network in 160 live sessions.

More information about the conference and a thorough commentary of the sessions can be found here.

IAEE is a non-profit organization, with more than 4,000 members in over 100 countries, that is committed to the exchange of ideas and experiences among academics & practitioners interested in energy & environmental economics. The IAEE publishes two scientific journals: The Energy Journal; Economics of Energy & Environmental Policy (of which Jean-Michel Glachant was first editor-in-chief in 2012-16); and a magazine, the Energy Forum.

The association organises international conferences addressing critical issues in the sectors of Energy, Climate and Environmental Policy and provides a forum where policy issues are presented, considered, and discussed during both formal and informal sessions.


Jean-Michel Glachant is the Director of the Florence School of Regulation and the Holder of the Loyola de Palacio Chair.

Glachant took his Ph.D. in economics at La Sorbonne in France. He worked in the industry and private sector before becoming a professor at La Sorbonne.

He has been advisor of DG TREN, DG COMP, and DG RESEARCH at the European Commission and of the French Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE). He has been the coordinator and scientific advisor of several European research projects. Jean-Michel Glachant has been editor-in-chief of EEEP: “Economics of Energy and Environmental Policy” (an IAEE journal) and he is vice-president of the International Association for Energy Economics.

Over the past years, Professor Glachant has been leading the transformation of The Florence School of Regulation into a Europe-based, forward-looking knowledge hub for the Energy Transition with a global reach. Following his vision, today the FSR delivers high-quality research, training, and policy dialogue to a community of energy experts worldwide.

Find more on Jean-Michel Glachant’s contribution to the field of energy economics:


If you wish to learn more about FSR activities and Professor Glachant’s new book ok Electricity Markets, do not miss our upcoming online event Electricity markets in times of (climate) change on 15 September 2021 @ 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM CEST.



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