FSR Climate and CAKE cooperate on EU ETS under the LIFE Programme

In February 2021, the Climate Area of the Florence School of Regulation and CAKE – Centre for Climate and Energy Analyses met to develop mutually beneficial actions for two LIFE projects focused on the functioning and development of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS). 

Since 2019, FSR Climate supervises the project LIFE DICET, co-financed by the EU Life Programme, which supports the European Union and its Member States in deepening international cooperation on emissions tradingOne of the projects natural stakeholders has been the Centre for Energy and Climate Analyses (CAKE) of the National Centre for Emissions Management (KOBIZE) in Institute of Environmental Protection- National Research Institute (IOS-PIB) in Polandwhich was involved in the Carbon Market Policy Dialogue and other meetings of the project LIFE DICET. 

As CAKE recently got awarded a new LIFE project called LIFE VIIEW 2050, it is with great interest that possible ways of cooperation were discussed and envisaged in February 2021. Hence, the main objective of LIFE VIIEW 2050 is the assessment of the functioning of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), its impacts and interaction with other EU policy instruments, other international systems and its possible further development with the view of EU climate neutral economy by 2050. 


This clear synergy materialised for the first time in March 2021 when FSR Climate, represented by its Deputy Director Stefano F. Verde, officially participated in the initial meeting of the Advisory board of the project LIFE VIIEW 2050. 

This official cooperation between FSR and CAKE-KOBIZE under the LIFE Programme stands for the shared role we intend to play in supporting the implementation of an environmentally and economically efficient EU ETS, allowing Europe to pave the way towards carbon neutrality. 
Simone Borghesi, Director of FSR Climate

Beyond the Advisory Board’s participation, other ways to collaborate have been identified for the upcoming months, including the promotion of CAKE’s research in the LIFE DICET blog and the organisation of a policy dialogue targeting Polish policymakers and stakeholders on the topic of carbon market integration. 



LIFE DICET supports EU and Member State policymakers in deepening international cooperation for the development and possible integration of carbon markets. It consists of a Carbon Market Policy Dialogue (CMPD) between the European Commission and the regulators of other major ETSs, namely, California-Quebec, China, Switzerland and New ZealandTo inform the participants in the CMPD, FSR Climate prepares a Comparative Assessment of the ETSs mentioned above with a view of the implications for their possible linking. LIFE DICET is supported by strong capacity building, networking and dissemination actions. 


The project aims to conduct the impact assessment of the functioning of EU ETS using Computable general equilibrium (CGE) and sectoral modelling. The aim of project LIFE VIIEW 2050 is to analyse features that impact EU ETS, i.e. the interaction with energy and other policy instruments, linking with other ETS or including new sectors into EU ETS. LIFE VIIEW 2050 builds on and expands available modelling tools prepared during LIFE CAKE. Besides developing analyses, a platform of experts will ensure the dissemination of knowledge and foster political support for carbon markets within the project. 



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