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FSR talk with ACER

On February 10, 2021 Riccardo Galletta and Juan Lopez of ACER will join Ilaria Conti and Jean-Michel Glachant of the FSR to discuss the issue of regulating hydrogen networks in the EU.

Publication of the EU Commission’s Hydrogen Strategy on 8 July 2020 marked a fundamental step and provided a clear direction for the evolution of the EU energy system, particularly for the decarbonisation of the gas sector. As part of these efforts, The Council of the EU indicated that as much as 30-70% of all gas used in the EU could be greened by 2050.

Reaching the ambitious energy and climate targets the EU is committed to will require a swift and comprehensive overhaul of the European energy system, including in the use of gas infrastructure.

The transition from fossil gas to renewable gases over the coming years is foreseen to be gradual, both in terms of the speed in which fossil gases are phased out in absolute terms, as well as changes in the chemical make-up of the gas consumed in the meantime. Transporting a combination of blended and pure gases raises questions about the suitability of existing gas transportation infrastructure as well as the issue of harmonising regulations between the Member States.

Currently, network infrastructure for the transport of pure hydrogen is not covered by the Gas Directive 2009/73/EC, whilst hydrogen infrastructure and markets at the national level are also relatively undeveloped by comparison to electricity and gas networks.

The debate will revolve around the recently published joint ACER-CEER White Paper on the regulation of hydrogen markets, prepared to assist the European Commission in assessing options for a legislative package on hydrogen and energy system integration. Juan Lopez will also present the findings of a recent ACER survey of national regulatory authorities (NRA’s) concerning the technical ability of the gas transportation system to accept blended gasses.

Topics for discussion will include:

  • The circumstances under which regulating hydrogen networks is needed;
  • How to treat existing hydrogen network infrastructure;
  • How to address regulatory challenges related to the repurposing of gas infrastructure for dedicated hydrogen transport;
  • Current limits for the blending of hydrogen into the gas flow in gas transmission networks and at cross-border interconnection points;
  • Foreseen national hydrogen blending targets and hydrogen strategies, if any;
  • Views on the need to have a European-wide, regional or national approach to H2 blending limits and projects.



Riccardo Galletta & Juan Lopez of ACER


Jean-Michel Glachant and Ilaria Conti of FSR Energy and Climate


Participants will have a chance to intervene directly in our online Q&A.

Access is completely free, upon registration.


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