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FSR Policy Debate

The European Commission’s ‘Fit for 55’ package probably represents the most ambitious set of legislative proposals ever tabled in the energy and climate change space.

They include the revision of the ETS Directive, the Effort-Sharing Regulation, a new Carbon-Border Tax, a review of the Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Energy Tax Directives, and new initiatives on maritime and air transport.

Industry, as well as the co-legislators, need to understand not only the details of each individual proposal, but equally how they interact – what will be the cumulative effect of the different measures tabled on citizens and industry.

This is far from a simple task. This event seeks to cast some light on this question, and identify where will be the key points of discussion and disagreement in negotiating the package. Together with our panel, we will try to address the question: ‘what do we expect to be the final compromise?’

To stimulate debate Christopher Jones and Andris Piebalgs have drafted an article. Download here



Christopher Jones and Andris Piebalgs
Aleksandra Tomczak, Member of the Cabinet of Executive Vice-president Timmermans, EC
Panel debate:
Jesse Scott, Agora-Energiewende
Albert Bressand, UCL
Ilaria Conti, FSR
Andrei V Belyi, University of Eastern Finland




The focus of this debate series is on policy issues to be discussed by a panel of experts. Learn more about the FSR series.

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