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Liberalisation of Passenger Train Services in India – Regulatory Challenges. Webinar on 22 January 2021

Inspired by the recently published “Handbook on Railway Regulation. Concepts and Practice” by Edward Elgar, this webinar, jointly organised by the Adani Institute of Infrastructure Management and FSR-Transport, will provide a comprehensive overview of the state-of-the-art in railway regulation in India.

Despite numerous liberalisation attempts in recent years, the railway sector is still excessively complex, with regulations varying throughout the world. The Handbook on Railway Regulation gathers, for the first time, these various approaches and practices, using a historical and systematic approach to identify the main lessons for all countries. Specific topics covered include the digitalisation dilemma in the industry, rail sector reforms and regulation, and competition in the market for rail freight and passenger services.

This Handbook provides an invaluable contribution to the discussion of railway regulation worldwide, and will be a crucial compendium for students and scholars of transportation, regulation and competition looking to explore different approaches to the topic. This will also be an invaluable read for railway policymakers and regulators looking to deepen their understanding of contemporary regulations around the world.

Among others, speakers will focus on the regulatory aspects pertaining to railway market opening, they will draw on lessons learnt from the Covid-19 pandemic on rail operations, and not the least they will shed light on the challenges that they face in meeting the sector’s needs of today and tomorrow.


10:30 – 10:35 | Welcome, Introduction of speakers

  • Dr. Kamal Kishore Sharma, Professor, Adani Institute of Infrastructure Management

10:35-10:50 | Introduction of the Handbook on Railway Regulation

  • Prof. Matthias Finger, Director of FSR-Transport, EUI; Co-editor of the Handbook on Railway Regulation

10:50 – 11:05 | Introduction of the Chapter ” Railways in India: challenges and opportunities”: structure of IR, past attempts of liberalisation, future outlook

  • Dr. Rachna Gangwar, PhD, Faculty, Adani Institute of Infrastructure Management, Author of the chapter

11:05-11:50 | Three presentations

  • Prof. G Raghuram,  Principal Academic Advisor at National Rail & Transportation Institute and Former Director, IIM Bangalore
  • Prof. Sanjiv Garg,  Managing Director at Pipavav Railway Corporation Limited & Vice Chairman, Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport
  • Prof. Juan Montero, Professor at EUI/ UNED, Co-editor of the Handbook on Railway Regulation

11:50 – 12:00 | Q&A Session moderated by Dr. Kamal Kishore Sharma, Professor, Adani Institute of Infrastructure Management 

12:00 | Webinar ends

Slides could be downloaded here.

Irina Lapenkova
Irina Lapenkova
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