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EU Sustainable Energy Week

From 22 to 26 June 2020, the EU Sustainable Energy Week will bring together energy stakeholders and enthusiasts online to discuss the way forward for green recovery and growth.

Renewable gases, hydrogen, and power-to-gas

The Florence School of Regulation is pleased to host one of the sessions from the title: “Understanding renewable gases, hydrogen and power-to-gas: empowering consumers to make informed choices”. You are all invited to join us and debate! The webinar will be introduced by the FSR Director, Jean-Michel Glachant. Ilaria Conti, Head of FSR Gas, will set the scene introducing the topic of taxonomy for the so-called “green gases”.

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Decarbonising the EU’s energy system and ramping up our renewable energy use are critical to reach our climate objectives. The route to decarbonisation can take many forms, though biogas, biomethane and clean hydrogen are likely to feature in most of the pathways. The smart integration of renewables, energy efficiency and all possible sustainable solutions across sectors will help to achieve a cost-efficient decarbonisation and ensure/improve the reliability and flexibility of the energy systems.

European consumers have a powerful role to play in driving this transformation forward and are becoming increasingly careful about what and how they consume, also showing a strong support for energy choices that are less carbon intensive. Consumer engagement can make a real difference in this process, but this requires more transparent information about carbon and environmental footprints of products and services available on the market. Fully understanding the costs and potential of the different (emerging) technologies will be essential to make informed choices about more sustainable alternatives and ultimately benefit from the clean energy transition.

The Programme

Overall the session will discuss sector coupling and sector integration technologies, including the production of hydrogen, and explore possible solutions for the decarbonisation of the gas sector. Apart from addressing possible regulatory and market barriers to develop this, it will explain what the renewable gas, the green gas etc. mean to a wider public. It will also address how to improve the Guarantees of Origin (GOs) system across the Union so that the consumer-driven part of the energy transition can push forward.

Participants can expect an interactive panel discussion with a diverse set of speakers and panelists from various parts of Europe and with different backgrounds.

More from #EUSEW2020

Prof. Leonardo Meeus (FSR) will contribute to the panel discussion on ‘’Smart sector integration of gas and electricity infrastructure – opportunities and challenges in the context of the eu green deal’, focusing on the role that gas and electricity infrastructure will play as part of the upcoming Energy System Integration strategy, whilst also highlighting the societal cost savings and environmental and climate benefit of a hybrid energy system that uses electricity and gas.


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Img speaker
Annegret GROEBEL
Img speaker
Jean-Michel Glachant
Img speaker
Ilaria Conti
Img speaker
Phil Moody
Img speaker
Mirela Atanasiu
Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking
Img speaker
Susanna Pfluger
European Biogas Association
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Pedro Verdelho
Img speaker
Kostas Stamatis
DG Energy, European Commission

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