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In this episode of the FSR Insights series, we will discuss the FSR research on Energy Systems Integration.

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The coordinated planning and operation of the energy system “as a whole”, across multiple energy carriers, infrastructures, and consumption sectors – is the pathway to an effective, affordable and deep decarbonisation of our economies.

Together with the FSR researcher, Golnoush Soroush we will focus on this concept by defining different integration dimensions from technology to regulation, business models, and policy.

From this multidimensional perspective, we will move to identify different barriers to energy systems integration.

Academic discussants: 

  • Anne Houtman, SciencesPo, Paris
  • Tooraj Jamasb, Copenhagen School of Energy Infrastructure (CSEI)

FSR researcher:

Golnoush Soroush


Leonardo Meeus (FSR)


This interactive session will include a Q&A and polls for the audience.

The event will be recorded and live-streamed on our social media channels.


The series focuses on the insights from the FSR research.  These online events will give the FSR researchers the chance to share our research findings and to collect feedback on ongoing research by engaging with the audience and invited experts.

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