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What are the environmental and economic impacts of emissions trading systems? How have these indicators evolved over time? Tracking the evolution of a key set of indicators is essential to provide knowledge on the impacts of the system on firms and emissions. To date, there is a great need for defining indicators best fit to monitor the development of the European Union Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) and its impacts in response to regulatory changes and market trends. This need has been felt particularly strongly in the past years, as potentially important effects of rising carbon prices – notably, the impacts on firms’ environmental and economic performances – have been insufficiently studied. This year’s workshop will select and discuss a set of impact indicators best suited for providing information on the effects of the EU ETS on regulated firms’ environmental and economic outcomes. The indicators will be based on relevant variables of environmental and economic performance (e.g., CO2 emissions, profits). The selected indicators will be estimated using data from the EUTL and the Bureau van Dijk – Orbis database.  

The workshop is organised under the framework of the project LIFE COASE – Collaborative Observatory for ASsessment of the EU ETS. It aims at supporting policymakers in the implementation and development of the EU ETS, including its integration with other carbon markets. The project will establish the first observatory for assessment of the EU ETS, in order to offer a reference source of knowledge for policymakers and researchers and pave the way for future research and policies on emissions trading. 

The aim of the workshop is to bring together experts to take stock of existing indicators, discuss their limitations and to agree upon 3 to 5 key indicators to improve the toolbox for assessing the EU ETS. 

This is an online event. Participation is by-invitation only. More info about the project can be found here. 

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LIFE COASE is co-funded by the LIFE Programme of the European Union


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