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The Florence School of Regulation has been appointed by the Joint Research Centre (JRC), Directorate General for Energy, European Commission (Petten, The Netherlands) to provide an intensive, in-house week-long training course to staff from the JRC and the European Commission.

This high-level course covers all aspects of the recent experience and lessons, the present and the future of the European regulation for energy markets and infrastructure. The main topics are:

  • Theory and principles of markets and regulation
  • Regulatory models: The electricity industry
  • Regulatory models: The gas industry
  • Fundamentals of electricity networks and markets
  • Wholesale electricity markets
  • Output-based regulation for electricity
  • Fundamentals of gas networks and markets
  • European regulation for infrastructure development
  • Retail electricity markets
  • Demand response and demand-side management
  • European legal framework for energy policy and regulation
  • EU strategy for the development of renewable energy
  • EU Energy regulation towards 2020/30 (market design, capacity mechanisms, smart regulation for smart grids and others).

The faculty includes the FSR Director Jean-Michel Glachant, top experts from the European Commission, energy companies and academics from worldwide renowned institutions. This is a closed training course. For any information, please contact the FSR Training Coordinator, Hugo Gil.

JRC Petten, European Commission
Westerduinweg, 3
Petten, 1755 LE Netherlands

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