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The world around us is moving online: whether leisure activities, news and information, whether communication with friends, contributions to public debates or the purchase of goods: most of our life takes place online. The question is whether this trend also concerns academic practice.

  • What are the benefits and opportunities for Higher Education Institutions to (also) move online? At best, many academics still consider online tools a well-intentioned toy; but even if a move online is considered to be an opportunity for research and teaching, individual efforts often remain isolated or fragmented.
  • What is the rational for Higher Education Institutions to incorporate a comprehensive digital agenda into their core strategy, and – perhaps even more importantly – how can we concretely achieve a large-scale ‘online move’ within our institutions?

To begin, this workshop will explore how different online tools (social media tools and online learning) have already entered academic practice. Secondly, we will explore the benefits these online tools and environments offer researchers and institutions to create and share knowledge, especially given their interactive, instantaneous, accessible and open characteristics. Finally, we will present several case studies, focusing on how the process of moving larger projects online can be practically achieved within traditional academic institutions.

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161205 Shaking the Brick and Mortar: Moving Higher Education Online

FSR Conferences
Villa Schifanoia – Sala Europa
Via Boccaccio, 121
Florence, FL 50133 Italy

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