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FSR Online debate on 3 May 2017, 11am CEST

FSR check-up of the EU frame for Power Transmission System Regulation: missing pillars and roadblocks

An interactive online event to present and discuss the missing pillars and the roadblocks identified by the Florence School in the context of the Europeanisation of the power transmission system.

The online debate will anticipate the release of the new FSR Research Report “Moving the electricity transmission system towards a decarbonised and integrated Europe: missing pillars and roadblocks”.


  • Glachant Jean-Michel (Director, FSR)


  • Dobbeni Daniel (Former President, ENTSO-E)
  • Schmitt Laurent (General Secretary, ENTSO-E)
  • Vasconcelos Jorge (Chairman of NEWES)
  • Nicolò Rossetto (Researcher, FSR)

Watch the Recording

Download the Research Report

For a preview of the Research Report, a Policy Brief is now available!

Chiara Canestrini
+39 055 4685 726


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