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In the FSR Insights of 16 of February, the editors Raphael J. Heffron and Maciej M. Sokołowski will join Lucila de Almeida, one of our hosts and contributor of the special issue, to discuss some of the papers that will be published in the Energy Policy. Especially, they will discuss academic articles covering two aspects: the failure of policymakers to ensure energy justice, and the pitfalls of indicators based on the case study of the EU’s Retail Electricity Market Barrier Index.


#FSRInsights pills:

M. Sokolowski on Energy Policy Failures

Lucila de Almeida on Governance by Indicators

Raphael Heffron on Energy Justice

Energy policies always have an impact on society, the climate, the economy, and international relations. Nevertheless, they are not immune to failures and, when they do, policymakers and regulators can learn from these experiences. How will we identify failure in energy policy? What makes their failure? Could they be saved? What did not work? How to correct them? Above all, what are the lessons we can take from them?

These are just some of the matters which Guest Editors – Raphael J. Heffron and Maciej M. Sokołowski – raise in the Special Issue of the Energy Policy: “When Energy Policy Fails: Impacts, Recovery & Managing Risk”. The Special Issue offers insightful analyses on collapsed incentives, lost projects, mistakes, wrong paths, bad decisions, and lessons from the past based on policy failures in energy policymaking. In this context, it offers a global view of energy policy failure with contributions from across the world.


Raphael J. Heffron (Faculty of Law, University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago)

Maciej M. Sokołowski (Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Warsaw, Poland Institute of Comparative Law, Meiji University, Tokyo, Japan)

Lucila de Almeida (FSR, Wageningen University & Research, Netherlands)


Leonardo Meeus (FSR and Vlerick Business School, Belgium)

Lucila de Almeida (FSR & Wageningen University and Research, Netherlands)


Maria Dolores Sanchez Galera (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)



Energy Policy Special issue: When Energy Policy Fails: Impacts, Recovery & Managing Risk

Maciej M. Sokołowski & Raphael J. Heffron, Defining and conceptualising energy policy failure: The when, where, why, and how

Lucila de Almeida, Fabrizio Esposito, and Josephine van Zeben, When Indicators Fail Energy Policies: Pitfalls of the EU’s Retail Electricity Market Barrier Index (to be added soon in the link above)

Raphael J. Heffron (2022). Applying Energy Justice into the Energy Transition. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews.

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