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Our next FSR Insights will be dedicated to launch the forthcoming edited book entitled Law in the EU’s Circular Energy System: biofuel, biowaste and biogas (Edward Elgar, Dec. 2023), edited by Lucila de Almeida and Josephine van Zeben.

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Adopting a holistic and multidisciplinary approach, this book comprehensively maps out the complex multi-jurisdictional legal landscape pertaining to the EU’s circular energy system concerning the production and consumption of biogas and biofuel produced from biowaste.In three thematic sections, the expert contributors first examine the interactions between EU law and policy for waste, agriculture, food, and forestry. Focus is drawn to how, when, and by whom the energy sources created from biowaste can become part of the EU’s energy mix. A range of legal instruments that impact the financing of the circular energy system through taxation, EU financing, and state aid are also considered. The book concludes by reflecting on inefficiencies and ineffectiveness caused by these interactions of legal and policy areas related to the circular energy system.The FSR insights will gather editors and some contributors to share the insights of the edited volume with the audience.

Host & Speaker:

Lucila de Almeida (FSR & NOVA School of Law)



Josephine van Zeben (Wageningen University & Research)

Lin Batten (University of Strathclyde)

Elisa Cavallin (University of Gent & University of Hasselt)



Sofia Nicolai (FSR)

Ginevra Le Moli (FSR)



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Lucila de Almeida, Elisa Cavallin and Lin Batten

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