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As the global share of renewable energy generation continues to increase, transition planning is required to ensure that fossil fuel dependent regions and workers are not stranded by the energy transition or by climate change policy. FSR Talks invites leading experts to discuss possible pathways towards a sustainablelow carbon and equitable energy system which is better for people and the environment. Given the high levels of poverty and growing unemployment in the developing world, energy and climate policy must contribute to a development pathway that addresses these socio-economic challenges.  The discussion will highlight various elements of a just energy transition on universal access to affordable and clean energy, corporate and business reform, the shift in ownership of energy, empowerment of workers and communities and environmental restoration.

The topic of the debate is ‘Just Energy Transition: What and how to go about it?’. How different are the transition journeys in the developed and developing world?

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In this FSR Talks, Swetha Bhagwat, Head of FSR Global will interview Rohit Chandra, Asst. Prof at IIT Delhi and Visiting Fellow, Centre for Policy Research, who will present based on his work over the last decade on coal sector reforms and the socio-political challenges around the just energy transition in India. Challenging him would be three experts – Jesse Burton from University of Cape Town bringing in views from the South African context, followed by Johan van den Berg, Head of the Secretariat of Africa-EU Energy Partnership from the African context and Jean-Michel Glachant, Director of the Florence School of Regulation from the European context.

A Q&A will take place with the audience after the debate, you may also submit your questions in advance in the registration form.

The event will take place on Zoom and it will be live streamed on our social media channels.

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Swetha Bhagwat
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Jean-Michel Glachant
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Rohit Chandra
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Johan Van den Berg
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Jesse Burton

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