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Conversation with Matthieu Craye, International Relations Officer at the DG ENER

EU has decided to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. Japan, South Korea, South Africa has announced similar ambition, China is aiming for carbon neutrality by 2060. There is a strong expectation of substantial change in the US energy policy by incoming Biden administration in support of limiting GHG emissions. At the same time economies of Saudi Arabia and Russia continue to depend strongly from fossil fuel production and export.

How to make a smooth transition from fossil fuel markets to markets working in support of climate friendly energy policy?
How to provide that energy supplies are secure, affordable and sustainable?
How to forge forward looking energy partnerships?
What role could play international organisations and multilateral fora for dialogue?
How to advocate the advantages of the energy transition?

Join the FSR conversation to find answers to these and other burning questions.


Hosts: Prof. Andris Piebalgs and Prof. Christopher Jones

Each month, the series of conversations will feature leading actors and policy makers of the European and global energy landscape, interviewed by FSR with the key role of our audience that will be enabled to submit questions in advance.


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