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FSR online talk on Power Flow Simulator

Transmission system operators (TSOs) play a fundamental role in the electricity sector. They are in charge of the secure and continuous functioning of the system which requires a constant balance between supply and demand of electricity, the solution of possible congestions on specific lines and the management of contingencies like the failure of a power plant or network branch. TSOs are also in charge of planning and, frequently, implementing the expansion of the system to deal with the evolution in the needs of network users, both on the generation and the consumption side.

All of this requires an understanding of sophisticated technical issues that are frequently ignored or barely understood by the public and some policymakers.

In this online talk, Nicolò Rossetto (FSR) will interview Timm Krägenow (Tennet) to discuss some of the most critical issues that electricity transmission system operators must take into account every day.

Watch the recording:

The talk, dedicated mostly to a non-technical audience, will benefit from the Power Flow Simulator available on the ENTSO-E website and will devote particular attention to three topics:

  • Balancing electricity demand and supply and managing congestions
  • Impact of renewables deployment and market integration on system operation
  • Grid planning and expansion in a decarbonised and decentralised electricity system

A Q&A session with the audience will conclude the talk.

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Nicolò Rossetto
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Timm Krägenow


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