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A third of all humanity lacks access to reliable power and this blunt reality drives immense social inequities. Access to power determines whether you have modern healthcare, transportation, and telecommunications. Clean fuels for cooking and heating offer an escape from chronic respiratory illness. Reliable power opens the door to educational and economic opportunities. This year, the pandemic has driven home the urgent need to address the world’s most glaring inequities. The international response must be rapid and sizable, but also far-sighted and sustained.

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The Global Commission to End Energy Poverty

The Global Commission to End Energy Poverty (GCEEP), comprising leaders from utilities, off-grid companies, multilateral development banks, academics, and others from across the electricity and development sectors, addresses the pressing challenge of achieving universal access to adequate, affordable, and reliable clean electricity.

The report on energy access

In the FSR talk, we will discuss the GCEEP 2020 report on electricity access, together with some of its authors. The report was prepared by the MIT research team with support from the Rockefeller Foundation and extensive feedback, engagement, and guidance from the Commission.

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Jean-Michel Glachant | FSR

Swetha Bhagwat | FSR


Ignacio Perez-Arriaga | MIT, FSR

Robert Stoner | MIT Energy Initiative

Joseph Nganga | Rockefeller Foundation


FSR talks is a series of live interviews with experts from the wider network of the school to showcase and discuss a recent work (a book just published, interesting study, innovative project) in a light and interactive way.

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