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Our upcoming quarterly theme in FSR Insights revolves around “Innovation in Energy”.

Innovation is key in supporting the decarbonisation of the energy sector and providing an adequate response to the dramatic changes in international markets and the broader geopolitical landscape we have witnessed in the last few years.

The inaugural episode of the series, titled “Future Landscape of Green Hydrogen and Its Transformative Impact on Global Industries,” will explore the profound effects of technological development on existing energy value chains and the entire production-to-consumption lifecycle, reshaping interactions among stakeholders.

Our Keynote Speaker will present one of her latest articles, “Green hydrogen value chains in the industrial sector—Geopolitical and market implications”. The discussion, grounded in resource endowment, existing industrial production, and economic relatedness, will help us reflect on potential frontrunners in the future green hydrogen market and the geopolitical and market dynamics resulting from the transition in existing value chains.

Discussants will share their critiques and nuanced perspectives. The session will benefit from their balanced viewpoints, drawing on competencies in engineering, economics, and policy. The audience will be also encouraged to engage by posing questions and participating in the final discussion.

Keynote speaker  

Laima Eicke | Research Institute for Sustainability and the University of Erfurt  


Franziska Holz | DIW Berlin 

James Kneebone | FSR  


FSR Insights is an online series hosted by Marzia Sesini and Nicolò Rossetto (FSR).

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