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The FSR is hosting an academic workshop regarding the most recent insights and research on the design of electricity tariffs.

The main outcomes of the workshop will be summarized in a policy brief.


The energy transition and the electrification of the heating and transport sectors will require the more active participation of the demand side to balance fluctuating renewable energy supply with demand and reduce the need for grid expansion. In addition, the energy crisis has revealed important shortcomings in the current design of electricity tariffs. Customers paying real-time prices have experienced excessive bill increases that led to regulatory interventions in the form of compensations. Customers on fixed-price contracts, on the other hand, had insufficient incentives to reduce their load.

Future-proof electricity tariffs should provide a solution to all these challenges. They should protect customers from excessive price peaks but still retain incentives for demand response and enable customers to specify the amount of flexibility that they are able to provide and ensure that this flexibility is used optimally. In addition, the regulation for retailers needs to be revised, to enable competition without undermining the incentives to hedge against increasingly volatile prices.

The FSR workshop on Future Electricity tariffs aims to bring together the most recent research and insights on the appropriate design of electricity tariffs. The main outcomes of the workshop will be summarised in a policy brief.

Authors participating in the workshop may also submit their article to an associated special issue in Energy Policy. However, participation in the workshop and the special issue are independent of each other.

Deadline for abstract submission: May 31, 2023

Confirmation of presentation: June 15, 2023

Villa Schifanoia – Sala Triaria
Via Boccaccio 121
Firenze, 50133 Italy

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Elena Iorio
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