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FSR Regulatory Policy Workshop Series 2023-2024

The Workshop will aim at discussing which improvements in the governance of the energy sector are necessary effectively to support the energy transition towards the ambitious energy and climate goals set by the EU for 2030 and beyond.

For this purpose, the Workshop will be structured in three sessions:

  • Session I will focus on energy infrastructure planning and development and the most appropriate governance to support energy system integration and the implementation and more efficient solutions to system needs;
  • Session II will consider to what extent the electricity market design emerging from the EMD reform will still be based on markets and market mechanisms and what role administrative intervention will or should play;
  • Session III will take a broader perspective, assessing which aspects of the Governance Regulation might be worth enhancing in the context of its forthcoming review.

This workshop is by invitation only

Sustainability assessment

The FSR assesses the sustainability and carbon footprint of all its Workshops of the Regulatory Policy Workshop Series. This Workshop is run mainly ‘in presence’, with some exceptions for participation through internet-based remote connection. It is expected that most participants will join the Workshop in Florence to take advantage of the opportunity for more effective interaction and discussion. Those participants joining the event in Florence will be encouraged to offset any carbon emissions related to their air travel. It is considered that, in this way, a suitable balance is achieved between the effectiveness of the policy dialogue and the net carbon footprint of the event.

Badia Fiesolana – Teatro
Via dei Roccettini, 9
San Domenico di Fiesole, FL 50014 Italy

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Scientific organiser
Alberto Pototschnig


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