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The Fit for 55 package is a set of proposals for European Union (EU) legislation to put the EU on the path to becoming climate neutral by 2050. The European Commission tabled the proposals in July and December 2021.

In May 2022, the REPowerEU communication proposed amendments in response to the energy crisis provoked by Russia’s aggression in Ukraine. The EU legislators have concluded a number of legislative files at the end of 2022, and others are under negotiation. Several additional proposals, such as electricity market reform, are expected to be tabled by the EU Commission in the first quarter of 2023. Even with some elements missing, the new shape of the EU’s energy policy is emerging.

This FSR Debate will feature an overview of what can be expected in 2023, the key challenges facing the co-legislators in reaching an agreement, and the main options.

The debate panellists will be asked what they think the legislators should do: What are the key elements of this new design? What impact will it make on stakeholders? Where do the legislators still need to pick the best choice?

Keynote presentation 

Christopher Jones | FSR


Ilaria Conti | FSR

Lisa Fischer | E3G

Jesse Scott | Hertie School

Andris Piebalgs | FSR

Ronnie Belmans | FSR

Ghazi Mabrouk
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Img speaker
Christopher Jones
Img speaker
Jesse Scott
Hertie School
Img speaker
Ilaria Conti
Img speaker
Andris Piebalgs
Img speaker
Ronnie Belmans
Img speaker
Lisa Fischer


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