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This is the third and last installment for the quarterly FSR Insights on ‘Innovation in Energy’- Watch the recording 

The episode will focus on the pivotal role of innovation in driving decarbonization efforts and navigating the dynamic shifts in the built environment.

The building sector plays a crucial role in achieving European energy and CO2 reduction goals, accounting for over 40% of energy consumption and 36% of GHG emissions. Energy building renovation is key to reaching these targets, offering cost-effective emission mitigation potential and numerous societal and economic benefits. However, despite existing policies, the current renovation rate falls short of what would be socially optimal, necessitating a reimagining of delivery mechanisms.

In this episode, titled “Exploring Business Models for Urban Innovation” we will delve into the transformative potential of one-stop-shop (OSS) innovative business models in the energy renovation sector and how they can revolutionize energy home renovation, contributing significantly to European climate and energy goals.

Our Keynote Speaker will present her latest research on “Boosting energy home renovation through innovative business models: ONE-STOP-SHOP solutions assessment“, guiding us into the potential of OSS initiatives to overcome barriers and accelerate renovation efforts.  Alongside our discussants and audience, she will engage in a lively discussion on the topic, exploring the implications and opportunities presented by these innovative approaches.

FSR Insights is an online series hosted by Marzia Sesini and Nicolò Rossetto (FSR).


Keynote speaker

Annamaria Bagaini | Bocconi University


Daniele Stampatori | FSR and Comillas Pontifical University

Isabel Azevedo | INEGI


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