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A Bruegel – Florence School of Regulation common initiative

The terrifying invasion of Ukraine is destroying former relations between the European Union and the Russian Federation. Since Russia is the EU’s main supplier of oil, natural gas and coal, the EU must redefine its energy future, and started doing it on 8 March, with the publication of the communication “REPowerEU: Joint European Action for more affordable, secure and sustainable energy”.

However, we still have to discover how the EU will enter this new world. And the best way to do that is presumably to meet and discuss it altogether.

It is what Bruegel, a leading Think-Tank in Brussels, and the Florence School of Regulation, a Higher Education Centre, decided to do, organizing a mini-series of two online events.

The first event on 24 March explored how the life of European countries could look like without Russian energy.

On Tuesday 12 April, there will be a second online event, where we will enter more into the practicalities of how Europe can get rid of Russian energy addiction in the coming months and years.

We will do that with the help of a lawyer knowing well EU energy law and regulation (Klaus-Dieter Borchardt), a former national energy regulator (Walter Boltz), an expert of energy trading (Egbert Laege), and an expert of gas storage (Carole Le Henaff).


First session: Can the current EU legal and regulatory framework support the phase-out of Russian energy?

Moderator: Georg Zachmann (Breugel)

  • Klaus-Dieter Borchardt (former director for the internal market at the European Commission – DG Energy)
  • Walter Boltz (former director at E-Control)
  • Q&A

Second session: Can the European energy system deal with the phase-out of Russian energy?

Moderator: Ilaria Conti (FSR)

  • Egbert Laege (Boston Consulting Group and INSEAD)
  • Carole Le Henaff (Storengy – Engie)
  • Q&A

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Georg Zachmann
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Ilaria Conti
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Klaus-Dieter Borchardt
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Walter Boltz


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