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A proposal for electricity market design reform (COM(2023) 148COM(2023) 147) has been issued by European Commission on the 14th of March and the FSR summarised it on the day after.

Two months later, this online event will go deeper and review its content to understand what is actually missing and why, for the EU to secure a safe sailing to Net Zero in the present hard times of a European energy crisis and a world geo-economic shake-up. This is what we call a “Check-in before boarding”.

It is true that the current proposal is not adopted yet, as both the Council and the Parliament will add, subtract, underline, or polish. It is also true that this proposal is only a “patch”, added to the existing EU market frame, and not a complete overhaul still to come in 2035-2050. However, it is time to expand our horizons and start thinking about the decarbonisation and electrification times we will face in roughly a decade. Hence the need for a “check-in before boarding”.


Jean-Michel Glachant, Florence School of Regulation, IAEE


  • Frédéric Gonand, Paris-Dauphine
  • Michael Pollitt, Cambridge University Business School,
  • Jorge Vasconcelos, Newes
  • Swetha Ravi Kumar, FSR Global
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