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FSR Regulatory Policy Workshop Series 2017-2018

Demand Participation in Electricity Markets and Demand Response: Regulatory Framework and Business Models

The increasing penetration of renewable energy sources in the electricity sector, more variable and less predictable than conventional generation, requires more flexible electricity systems and markets. Demand can significantly contribute to this increased flexibility through demand participation in markets and demand response. The Commission’s proposals in the “Clean Energy for all Europeans” Package, which promotes the participation of demand in all market time frames, including in ancillary services markets, recognises this contribution.

It is essential that demand participation is properly enabled through market design which does not discriminate between different resources. Moreover, enabling business models, e.g. through aggregation, should be identified to ensure that demand seamlessly participates in energy and ancillary services markets.

The Workshop will, therefore, aim at identifying the most appropriate Regulatory Framework and Business Models which would enable demand participation in markets on nondiscriminatory terms with respect to other resources. The Workshop will consider the different ways in which demand can participate in the different markets and how regulation should take these differences into account.

171027 Demand Participation in Electricity Markets and Demand Response

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This workshop is exclusively open to national regulators, representatives from public bodies and associate & major donors of the FSR Energy area.

Villa Schifanoia – Sala Europa
Via Boccaccio, 121
Florence, 50133 Italy

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