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Session “Alignment: possible reforms for carbon market integration” (Topic 5)

The third meeting of the Carbon Market Policy Dialogue (CMPD) of the LIFE DICET project brings together academia, stakeholders and senior policymakers from different carbon markets worldwide in a unique process for a fruitful exchange on carbon market integration. The CMPD meeting will be held on Thursday 7 July from 16.00-19.00 (CEST) on Zoom. Participation is by invitation only and the discussion will be held under Chatham House Rules.

This session of the CMPD meeting discusses “Alignment: possible reforms for carbon market integration“. Before the session, a background report will be shared with the participants to help stir the discussions. At the CMPD, the participants will discuss how, in concrete terms, the integration of the emissions trading systems (ETSs) may be realised. Specifically, the policy dialogue will address the following questions:

  1. What rules should ETS Regulators change in the respective ETSs, and how should they change them for integration?
  2. How should ETS regulators coordinate among themselves?
  3. What are the next steps to consider for carrying out these reforms?

The event will be chaired by Simone Borghesi, Director of FSR Climate. External speakers include:

  • Hannah Lewis, Department for BEIS
  • Jean-Yves Benoit, Québec Ministry of Environment
  • Julia Ziemann, DG Climate Action
  • Luca Taschini, University of Edinburgh
  • Billy Pizer, Resources for the Future

The project LIFE DICET supports the European Union and Member States policymakers in deepening international cooperation for the development and possible integration of carbon markets. At its core, the CMPD aims to facilitate enhanced cooperation between Emissions Trading Systems regulators (ETS regulators), namely the European Commission (DG Climate Action), California-Quebec, China, Switzerland and New Zealand within the framework of the LIFE DICET project.

The conclusions reached concerning the four previous CMPD topics will be very useful for addressing these questions. The feedback received during the event will help us craft the report’s final version.

The project LIFE DICET is co-financed by the EU LIFE Programme of the European Commission.

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