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The FSR Energy Union Law Area is pleased to announce the next edition of its biennial update on recent and pending energy case law at the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU). This event will offer a comprehensive overview of the most significant energy cases since the last case law update, which took place in December 2021.

In this briefing, Dr Adrien de Hauteclocque, Head of Cabinet of the President of the General Court and Professor Leigh Hancher, Director of the FSR Energy Union Law Area, will discuss highlights from the latest case law.

The cases that will be discussed include:


T-684/19 – MEKH v ACER


Internal Market

C-179/20 – Fondul Proprietatea

C-290/20 – Latvijas Gāze

C-306/19 – Milis Energy




C-177/19P – Allemagne – Ville de Paris and Others v Commission


State Aid

T-623/20 – Sun West and Others v Commission

C-429/20P – Solar Ileias Bompaina v Commission

T-565/19 – Oltchim v Commission



T-399/19, T-616/18 – Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo v Commission

C-377/20 – Servizio Elettrico Nazionale and Others (Opinion of Advocate General Rantos)

C-721/20 – DB Station & Service


More on ECJ Case Law

If you want to catch up on earlier CJEU developments, you can watch the recordings of our sessions from November 2020 here, June 2021 here, and December 2021 here.


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