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Rail and air passenger transportation provide both competitive and complementary services. In Europe, there are many medium distance corridors where rail and air services compete. However, this situation is now changing because of the new low cost air carriers offering even lower rates. Can high-speed rail continue to expand if low-cost airlines are taking over as the alternative also on short routes? Should this competition rather be seen in the perspective of integrated transport policy?

Following the usual format of the Florence School of Regulation, the 2nd Florence Intermodal Forum aims at offering a platform to senior stakeholders from regulators, politics, operators, authorities, associations and academics to take stock of topics relevant to transport policies as a whole and intermodality in particular. The environment provided by European University Institute helps to facilitate an open dialogue among key players.

The purpose of this 2 nd Florence Intermodal Forum is to put two different sectors together, that over their services on the same mobility market. Indeed, the Forum aims at having a balanced discussion between representatives of both the (high-speed) rail and the (low-cost) air sector, involving “cross cutting” stakeholders such as passengers’ associations. Regulators, operators, Ministries, the European Commission, associations and academics are invited to discuss the expected challenges stemming from the coexistence of high-speed trains and low-cost carriers in the same passenger transport market.

Confirmed speakers are:

  • Elisabetta Righini , Member of Cabinet Almunia – DG Competition , responsible for State Aid Policy and Enforcement in Transport Sector
  • Emmanuelle Maire , Head of Unit – DG MOVE , Unit E4 Internal Market and Airports
  • Stephen Perkins , Head of Research Unit, International Transport Forum at OECD
  • John Hanlon , Secretary General of the European Low Fares Airline Association
  • Trevor Garrod , Secretary General of the  European Passengers’ Federation
  • Ignacio Barron , Director of Passengers and High-Speed Department, UIC

For more information and registration please contact FSR.transport@eui.eu


Final Programme


Summary of the presentations


Introduction to the 2nd Florence Intermodal Forum – MATTHIAS FINGER

Introduction to the 2nd Florence Intermodal Forum – EMMANUELLE MAIRE

HSR v LCC: competing or complementary modes? – STEPHEN PERKINS

Can high-speed rail continue to expand, if low-cost airlines are taking over as the alternative also on short routes? – ICHIRO TAKAHASHI

Competition between air transport and rail. – JOHN HANLON

How much did the subsides (to both rail and air sector) influence the current market structure and the competition between the two modes? – ALBERTO MAZZOLA

Policy competition between air and HSR transport in the Rome-Milan corridor – EVA VALERI

Air Transport and High-Speed Transport: the Spanish case – RICARDO GÉNOVA GALVÁN

High-speed rail vs. low-cost air Intermodality – IGNACIO BARRÓN DE ANGOITI

High-speed rail vs. low-cost air: competing or complementary modes? A view from Poland – MARCIN WOLEK

How can high-speed and low-cost be complementary? – TREVOR GARROD

Air and Rail: competition or complementary use? – CHRYSTELLE DAMAR

How can High-Speed and Low-Cost be Complementary? – ANDREA GIURICIN

How do passengers get to and from the airport? Bike or rail? – BERTIL HYLÉN


Villa La Fonte
Via delle Fontanelle, 18
San Domenico di Fiesole, Firenze 50014

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