EU Common Rules for Gas Import Pipelines – the Amendment to the Gas Directive

In case you missed our webinar with Professor Kim Talus, organised by the Energy Union Law Area, you can catch up by following the lecture here.

Professor Talus reviews the latest developments on the Commission’s proposed amendment to the 2009 EU Gas Directive, which extends the Third Energy Package to include gas import pipelines, following the agreement of 12 February 2019 reached at the conclusion of the trilogues.

It addresses:

  • The background to the Amendment: Why do we need it or do we?
  • Details of the Amendment: What is changing and who is impacted?
  • Details of the Amendment: How does it impact the energy competences of Member States?
  • The relationship between Nord Stream 2 and the Amendment

For more on the topic:

  • See Prof. K. Talus’ recent publication, in response to the agreement,  EU Gas Market Amendment – Despite of Compromise, Problems Remain (OGEL, February 2019), available here.
  • And Professor Leigh Hancher’s recent paper on the proposalA common EU framework regulating import pipelines for gas? Exploring the Commission’s proposal to amend the 2009 Gas Directive, available here.


Professor Kim Talus is the James McCulloch Chair in Energy Law and founding Director of the Tulane Center for Energy Law (Tulane Law School). He is also a Professor of European Energy Law at UEF Law School (University of Eastern Finland) and a Professor of Energy Law at Helsinki University.

Disclaimer: While the webinar is an academic debate, please note that Professor Kim Talus has previously been attached to the Nord Stream 2 project. The Energy Union Law Area is not associated with the project. Professor Talus is an invited guest for the series.

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