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Stay up-to-date on the upcoming activities by the FSR Energy Innovation Area led by Miguel Vazquez.

The Energy Innovation Area at the Florence School of Regulation, launched in September 2018, focuses on the interplay among innovation, energy and climate policies. The new area provides a platform where academics, regulatory institutions and market players can exchange views and practices that allow implementing mechanisms in accordance with the future policy goals in the energy industry.

What’s coming

The Dundee Energy Forum on 11 June (Scotland)

Miguel Vazquez, Head of the FSR Energy Innovation Area, will contribute to the Dundee Energy Forum with a presentation from the title “Innovation in the Energy Sector: A Regulatory Perspective”.
To be held at the West Park Conference Centre from June 10-11, this year’s event will focus on the future of international energy cooperation, highlighting the trend in nation states seeking greater individual control over energy policy and priorities. 
Hosted in conjunction with the International Energy Forum in Riyadh, the Dundee Energy Forum is the Centre’s flagship event, analysing trajectories of global energy policy and the law and economics of the field.
A full programme of speakers is available to view

Conference of the International Public Policy association in Montreal 26-28 June (Canada)

Miguel Vazquez will also participate in the International Conference on Public Policy (ICPP4)  in Montreal 26-28 June, in the panel “ICT and Public
Policies: Managing Technological Change in the Public Sector”, presenting “Convergence of telecommunication and power systems: the
formation of knowledge networks“.

XI Brazilian Congress on Regulation on 14-16 August (Brazil)

The FSR Innovation Area will be present at the XI Brazilian Congress on Regulation, the official event of the Brazilian regulators’ association ABAR, on August 14-16.
Miguel Vazquez will give a keynote on “The adoption of new technologies and the development of active consumers”

News and publications from FSR Energy Innovation Network

Vinicius Manhaes is participating in the prestigious “Institutional and Organizational Economics Academy” with the paper “Co-evolution of regulatory institutions and technology in the internet industry: the role of regulatory adaptation with focus on net neutrality rules”.
The Head of the Energy Innovation, Miguel Vazquez is involved as an expert in the mission “Transformation of the Colombian energy
system”, co-financed by IDB and World Bank. July – December 2019.

More on Energy Innovation

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