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Do you want to find out more about EU rules surrounding State subsidies and how they play out in the energy sector?

Access our latest publication ‘State Aid and the Energy Sector’ edited by Professor Leigh Hancher, Dr Adrien de Hauteclocque, and Dr Francesco Maria Salerno published through Hart Publishing in March 2018.

State aid to the energy sector is already the second largest category of aid in Member States across the EU. At the same time, the definition of aid and the terms of its application are becoming increasingly complicated while state aid control is increasingly becoming the instrument of choice of the Commission in managing the markets and developing the energy sector in the context of the energy transition.

This seminal work, written by key experts across the field of energy law and economics, provides a comprehensive, detailed analysis of the definition and application of State aid law and policy in the energy sector. It delves into issues such as price regulation and taxation, before considering the criteria for compatibility with capacity mechanisms, RES, projects of common interest, and services of economic interest. The research then turns to procedure, examining State aid recovery, arbitration, and enforcement, before, finally, evaluating its application across key jurisdictions within the EU, the EEA, and the Energy Community.

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See a full list of the topics covered:  


What is State Aid? Falk Schöning and Clemens Ziegler

State Aid and Price Regulation in the Energy Sector Guillaume Dezobry and Adrien de Hauteclocque

State Aid and Taxation: Special Focus on Energy and the Environment Lena Sandberg

WTO Subsidy Rules: Implications for Energy Anna-Alexandra Marhold


Compatibility of RES: A Legal and Economic Approach Francesco Maria Salerno, Sébastien Douguet, and Vincent Rious

Capacity Mechanisms and Auctions Leigh Hancher and Christoph Riechmann

Cross-Border Participation in Capacity Mechanisms: Legal and Economic Issues Fabien Roques, Charles Verhaeghe, and Guillaume Dezobry

Aid to Nuclear and Coal Leigh Hancher and Max Klasse

Projects of Common Interest and Energy Infrastructure Projects Julia Sack, Kristina Zych, and Kai Uwe Pritzsche

Services of General Economic Interest and EU State Aid Control in Energy Markets Adrien de Hauteclocque, Francesco Maria Salerno, and Simina Suciu


State Aid Recovery and the Energy Sector Jacques Derenne

Arbitration Johannes Koepp, Alejandro Escobar, Laurie Frey, and Ernesto Feliz

Common EU Law Principles of Private Enforcement of State Aid Georg M Berrisch and Brian R Byrne


Germany Falk Schöning and Clemens Ziegler

France Liliana Eskenazi

Netherlands Marinus Winters

Austria Moritz Am Ende and Judith Grimm

Italy Pierluigi Congedo

Greece Antonis Metaxas

Belgium Wim Vandenberghe

Spain Jose Luis Buendía and Miguel Ángel Bolsa

State Aid and the EEA Svein Terje Tveit and Jens Naas-Bibow

State Aid Enforcement in the Energy Community Marco Botta and Rozeta Karova

See the introduction to State aid in the energy sector from Professor Leigh Hancher [recorded in 2015]



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