11th Annual Conference on EU Energy Law & Policy, Brussels

On Wednesday, February 9th and Thursday, February 10th  the FSR Director Jean-Michel Glachant will attend the 11th Annual Conference on EU Energy Law & Policy in Brussels.

 The event is organised by the Publisher Clayes & Casteels, in cooperation with Schonherr and the European Energy Journal.

Jean-Michel has been invited to open the Conference commenting on the Energy Union and the Status of the EU Energy Policy. The keynote presentation will be given by Christopher Jones, Deputy Director General of DG Energy (European Commission).

The first day will focus on Energy Security and the Internal Energy Market; while the second day will be dedicated to Renewables, Energy Efficiency and Decarbonisation of the economy.

The ‘Special Topic’ Session is devoted to COP 21 and its consequences on both Energy and Climate policy in Europe, and will be introduced by Jos Delbeke, DG for Climate Action of the European Commission.

Other remarkable speakers include: Leigh Hancher (FSR Energy Union Law Director and of Counsel, Allen & Overy), Konstantin Staschus (Secretary General, ENTSO-E), Catharina Sikow- Magny (Head of Unit, Internal Energy Market DG Energy, European Commission).

Other relevant  material:

Internal/External Security of Supply: Peter Kaderjak on Gas Security of Supply | Energy Today with Jean Michel Glachant

COP 21: Xavier Labandeira | Outcomes Of Paris COP21

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