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10 October – 24 November 2017  |  Online

network codes

Our newest 6-week online course is composed of readings, videos and interactive online activities. Each week will have a comprehensive class with live interaction between the participants and the FSR Instructors.

The training course will end with two live panels consisting of experts from ENTSO-E, ACER, and the European Commission focusing on the issues and topics raised by the participants during the training.


  • Background

    The third liberalization package introduced network codes to be developed by the European Commission, ACER, and the ENTSOs in order to implement the EU target model for the internal electricity market. There are three types of network codes, i.e. market codes, system operation codes, and grid connection codes.

    These codes have been developed, so the next challenge is to implement them. During this training we provide a platform for the community of experts to share experiences with the implementation of the codes, while also providing an opportunity to the community of non-experts to get up to speed with these rules that affect all stakeholders.

    The initiative started in 2016, when ENTSO and the FSR joined forces to collaborate and organize executive training courses on electricity market design at the Regional Conferences organized by ENTSO-E in Vilnius Bratislava, and Thessaloniki. Each training course focused on the most pressing issues for the specific region.

    Participants came from the TSOs, NRAs and Ministries in the region. Florence School of Regulation also tested the training with the NGOs of the Renewable Grid Initiative, and is open to discuss with other stakeholders about how they could get involved.

    In 2017, this initiative was put under the umbrella of the network code collaboration between the European Commission, ACER and the ENTSOs. In this collaboration, Florence School of Regulation committed to develop an online training on the network codes.

    The pilot of the online training will be launched in October 2017. The pilot is on the electricity codes with a focus on the market codes, and the interactions of the market codes with the system operation codes. After the first pilot, the training will be further developed to cover all electricity codes.

  • Target group

    The training is developed for:

    • Broad target group of Adult learners
    • European Audience: pilot course
    • Network Codes experts and beginners
    • Everyone affected by the Network Codes, including: TSOs, NRAs, Governments, European Associations, Utilities, New Energy players, Stakeholders…
  • Structure of the Course

    The course participants will work both individually and in groups on specific tasks – all real life cases and issues.

    Week 1: Establishing national wholesale markets (CACM, FCA)

    11 – 17 October 2017
    Live class: 17 Oct 2pm CEST

    Week 2: Integrating wholesale markets (CACM, SOGL)

    18 – 24 October 2017
    Live class: 24 Oct 2pm CEST

    Week 3: Establishing national balancing markets (EBGL, SOGL)

    25 – 31 October 2017
    Live class: 31 Oct 2pm CEST

    Week 4: Integrating balancing markets (EBGL, SOGL)

    1 – 7 November 2017
    Live class: 7 Nov 2pm CEST

    Week 5: Mastery Challenges

    8 – 14 November 2017
    Deadline to submit mastery challenges: 14 Nov 2017

    Week 6: 2 live online panels

    15 – 21 November 2017
    Live class on 2 mastery challenges 21 Nov 2pm CEST
    Live class on 2 mastery challenges 23 Nov 11am CEST

    The participants can take the course on 3 different levels:

    • 1) Native (learning goal: to learn to speak the language of the network codes and to understand their content)
    • 2) Advocate (Native + discuss and debate the network codes with colleagues and field specialists)
    • 3) Master (Advocate + take a mastery challenge, analyse and attempt to solve/improve a European level real life case and receive feedback from the specialists of the particular case)

    The amount of time required to take this course depends on the aimed course level as well as the level of expertise in the subject prior to joining the course:

    For example:

    • Novice to Native: 4 hours/week
    • Novice to Advocate: 6 hours/week
    • Novice to Master: 10 hours/week
    • Expert (Advocate level understanding of the topic) to Master:
    • 5 hours/week
  • Eligibility and fees

    General fee: 1000 €
  • Faculty

    Leonardo Meeus (course director) is Associate Professor and Partner at Vlerick Business School in Brussels where he directs the Energy Centre. He is also a Professor of the Florence School of Regulation at the European University Institute.

    In Florence, he directs the online course on the Trans-European Energy Networks Regulation and the online course on the EU Electricity Network Codes. He is also a member of the Ofgem Academic Panel, and the International Association of Energy Economics. He frequently publishes about energy markets and regulations in academic journals, such as Energy Economics, Energy Policy and the European Journal of Operational Research.

    He also regularly contributes to EU funded energy research projects (Think, Promotion, Story). Leonardo is a commercial engineer with a PhD in electrical engineering, both from the KU Leuven.

    Experts from ENTSO-E, ACER & European Commission

    In addition, several European specialists on network codes are involved in the residential workshop (day 1) and in the live online panels, to give feedback to the participants on the Mastery Challenge (last week of the course).

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