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After 30 years of open electricity markets, an assessment of their achievements and current challenges is due, particularly given the significant impact of decarbonisation and digitalisation on the industry. The goal of the Handbook on Electricity Markets, edited by Jean-Michel Glachant, Paul Joskow, and Michael Pollitt is to make such an analysis and give us a comprehensive picture of electricity markets around the globe.

Learn more about the handbook of electricity markets (Edward Elgar, 2021)

The twenty-two chapters, written by leading international experts, cover the wholesale and retail market; renewable electricity sources; the electrification of mobility, heating, and cooling; and recent innovations such as distributed generation, electrical energy storage, demand response, and digital platforms that are disrupting the industry.

In the FSR Topic of the Month Series, we tried to convey the key messages of the Handbook, focusing on the introduction of competition in the electricity industry and the main lessons learnt; looking to a few concrete experiences with electricity markets in Europe, the US and Australia; considering more closely the current challenges that electricity markets face and their future role in the transformation of the industry.

  1. Creating electricity markets is not so obvious
  2. A variety of market designs for electricity across the globe
  3. Several innovation waves transforming the electricity sector
  4. What future for electricity markets?

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The editors of the handbook present the different chapters:

Paul Joskow on US electricity markets

Jean-Michel Glachant on the review of EU electricity markets

Michael Pollitt on electricity markets: adapting to new technologies and policy priorities

Jean-Michel Glachant on Innovation waves in the electricity sector


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