The road to FSR Global

A transcontinental launch of the FSR Global Hub

Where it all began

A little under two years ago, on the 10th of November 2017, the Florence School of Regulation signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency (ANEEL). Not only did it mark the beginning of a partnership between the two organisations, but also commenced the FSR’s commitment to foster global collaboration and knowledge exchange via facilitation of research and training.

FSR Global Activities

Since then, the FSR team has been working to expand their activities and reach to drive the global transition towards sustainable energy systems, with a special focus on Latin America, Africa and Asia. Following the “FSR Energy Model” of knowledge creation and exchange via innovative training, applied research and policy dialogue initiatives, we have collaborated with global partners and signed 9 Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) to facilitate transnational knowledge exchange.

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Most notably, we held our first Global Forum, creating a platform for multi-stakeholder engagement on the most pressing energy policy and regulation topics including universal access to energy, digitalisation, decarbonisation, electric storage and power markets and networks. The 4-day event brought together 100 representatives from across the world to foster practice-oriented solutions on key aspects of the world energy transition.

The road to the Global Launch

This week, the Florence School gears up for a transcontinental launch of it’s newest initiative, FSR Global.

The pre-launch activities will kick off with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Florence School of Regulation and the Supervisory Agency of Investment of Energy and Mining – OSINERGMIN of the Republic of Peru. In strengthening its relationship with OSINERGMIN, the FSR hopes to foster deeper dialogue on key topics of energy regulation in Peru.

FSR Director, Jean Michel Glachant, also gave a keynote speech the at the V Global Energy Forum of Peru. At the Forum, leading energy professionals will exchange their experiences and best practices while analysing the challenges and opportunities of energy policy and regulation, as well as the latest technological development.

Download the slides here: Energy Transition(s): where are we?

FSR Global will also continue its participation as a partner of the EU-Africa High-Level Platform on sustainable energy investments in Africa at its next meeting in Johannesburg, South Africa. The High Level Platform brings together public, private and financial operators as well as academia from Africa and Europe to examine challenges and strategic interests that could accelerate impact, especially for sustainable growth and jobs. The high-level platform aims to attract and boost responsible and sustainable private investments towards sustainable energy in Africa.

FSR Global Launch Event

The Global hubs formal launch will take place in New Delhi, India on 5 November, 2019. At the Launch Event,  FSR Global will share its latest study on electric vehicles based on India’s experience, “Charging up India’s electric vehicles: infrastructure deployment and power system integration.” The report aims to provide a vision for the future of EV charging infrastructure deployment and power system integration in India. The report also doubles up as toolbox consisting of solution choices and recommendations for addressing major challenges in the implementation of the tech in the country. 

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