Tailor made training course

Request for an FSR Tailor-made Training Course

What is a tailor-made training course?
A tailor-made training is designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of the requesting organization. These courses can include similar content to our regular programme, or can be designed in cooperation with you to meet your specific needs.
How much in advance should you contact the FSR to organise a tailor-made training course?
It usually takes us 3-6 months from receiving your request to the implementation of a tailor-made training course.
Which information does the FSR need to organise a tailor-made training course?
To develop a programme that is customised to your needs, kindly inform us on the following:
  • the scope of the training course
  • the course topics
  • the course location
  • the course length
  • the number of participants
Please fill in our form providing us with all relevant information, so that we can get back to you quickly :)
What is the cost of a tailor-made training?
The cost depends on the type of request and corresponding services that the FSR shall provide. Based on these variables, a draft budget will be prepared and shared & discussed with you.

Registration of participants and event webpage

As part of the FSR standard requirements, we are happy to:

  • set-up a registration form to be filled in by all participants
  • create a webpage in the FSR website

Please fill this form out to send your request

Payment modality and cancellation policy

Upon confirmation of the training, a non-refundable pre-payment of 30% of the total cost will be requested.
Following the successful delivery of the training, a second and final payment for the remaining 70% will be requested.
Should you wish to cancel the training, you can do so up until 4 weeks before it takes place free of charge. Any cancellations thereafter will be charged at the agreed rate.

Note: Contributions to EUI research activities are not subject to VAT.

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