Regional integration: a hub of opportunities | Baltic Power Conference, 1st June 2016

The Florence School of Regulation is joining ENTSO-E and the Baltic TSOs Litgrid (Lithuania), Elering (Estonia) and Augstsprieguma tÏkls (Latvia), in the organisation of the Baltic Power Conference 2016.

The first of the three ENTSO-E regional conferences will take place in Vilnius on 1 June 2016 and will bring together high-level representatives from the policy, industry, academia, and NGO sectors to discuss future electricity strategies for the Baltic Sea region. The Conference will inquiry about possible solutions to enable the Baltics to become a bridge between East and Western Europe and the options for further electrical integration of these countries into the ENTSO-E area.

The event will open with a panel dedicated to ‘The Energy Union from promise to practice in the Baltic region, where Andris Piebalgs, former European Commissioner for Energy and Senior Fellow at the FSR, will discuss the current and future implementation of the Energy Union in the region.

The FSR Director, Jean-Michel Glachant, will instead moderate a Session on: ‘Market Design: what is next for the Baltic-Nordic Power Market?’ debating, under a regulatory perspective, what are the next steps needed to undertake further integration of the Baltic region in the European Internal Energy Market.

On Tuesday 2nd June, in the framework of the Baltic Power Conference, the FSR will also deliver an Executive Training on ‘Regional and European Power Market Integration’ exclusively restricted to TSOs’ senior staff, regulators and senior Ministry officials. The training will provide insights on the current state of the power markets’ development, integration, and challenges.

Please find the complete program of the Conference – available here.

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