Technical Report
Türkiye as an infrastructure pivot?
09 January 2024
BY: Matthias Finger(Editor)
Between the 2nd century BC and the 15th century, the Silk Road, ending in Istanbul, was the main traditional route between China and the Middle East. Europe has developed since the Renaissance and Istanbul (then Constantinople) and Türkiye have evolved into an ever more important trading and commercial hub between the East and the West up to today. Since the turn of the century, the Turkish government has massively invested in Türkiye’s transport and energy infrastructure, to the point that the country is ideally positioned to play a globally unique role as a transport and increasingly an energy hub. In this issue of Network Industries Quarterly, we present and discuss the gradual ascent of Türkiye to become a global or at least a regional ‘infrastructure pivot,’ as we call it.
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Technical report
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