Policy Brief
Performance review commission : in search of flagships for air traffic management Transformation
25 April 2023
BY: Matthias Finger, SERAFIMOVA Teodora
The Performance Review Commission (PRC) is an independent body supported by EUROCONTROL with a remit to review and report on the performance of European air traffic management (ATM). While performance has improved over time, it has not always been consistent and shortcomings are expected to remain in the years to come. Future improvements will require a transformative change rather than just evolution. With the aim of identifying, reviewing and championing successful transformation projects based on the ATM Master Plan and the European Green Deal, the PRC has produced a Transformation Support Strategy. This will enable analysis of the contribution of new technologies and concepts to the future performance of the ATM system. In this process, the PRC aims to identify flagship projects, monitor their performance over time, help stakeholders understand the challenges involved in implementing these innovative transformational projects and the resulting benefits, and thus stimulate and encourage improvements in ATM. To engage key executive stakeholders in this process, in February 2023 the PRC hosted a workshop entitled ‘In search of flagships for ATM transformation,’ which sought to better understand the business-level benefits of delivering transformations and overcoming the challenges rather than focussing on operational and technical details. In particular, the workshop aimed to identify disruptive, innovative and scalable flagships which have the potential to make a substantial contribution to the performance of the ATM system in Europe over the coming years. This policy brief summarises the main takeaways from the workshop discussions.
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