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Energy poverty alleviation and its consequences on climate change mitigation and African economic development
06 February 2019
AUTHOR: Isabella Alloisio, BONAN Jacopo, CARRARO Carlo, DAVIDE Marinella, HAFNER Manfred, TAGLIAPIETRA Simone, TAVONI Massimo
Energy access in Africa is a key policy priority, given the strict inter-relation between energy, economic growth and sustainability. The current and projected trends on Africa access to energy and electricity indicate that unless new policies are implemented, energy access in the continent will remain low, hindering Africa’s ability to transition economically. The challenges in overcoming energy poverty and in mobilizing the investment needs for a reliable and sustainable energy infrastructure are significant, but can be attained using the right energy mix. Providing energy access will not significantly exacerbate other global challenges such as climate change mitigation. Innovative financing mechanisms and policy tools can help achieve a sustainable energy transition, and the EU can play a vital role in filling the investment gaps.
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